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18 Ways to Make Money in 2018

Don’t let a lack of money keep you from some healthy form of financial advancement. Every year there continues to be new creative ways to make money, this year included.

So here are 18 ways to make money in 2018.

1.         Write For Money

Write articles for other companies, through freelance networks like Upwork. 

2.         Write Ebooks

Create a fiction or nonfiction ebook and publish it on Amazon Kindle.

3.         Put Together An Online Course

If you have a great idea to teach a subject by way of an online course, this could be an opportunity to make some decent money.

4.         “Mend” Your Financial Situation

The work at home tailor is a dying breed. Professional mending can be expensive. Maybe you could pick up some work mending clothing.

5.         Sell On Ebay

Sell your own items or buy an item at a low price and “flip” it.

6.         Teach Something

Exercise classes. Sewing. Musical instruction. Computer software instruction. These are just a few areas you could teach at home to make money.

7.         Sell Your Art Talents

Offer to paint a mural, draw caricatures, portraits – endless earnings possible here.

8.         Sell Your Musical Talents

Hire yourself out to play your instrument or sing at weddings, events, etc. People are always looking for good musical talent.

9.         Fix Cars

A good mechanic could take a great deal of business from the local, more expensive auto shops, right from home.

10.   Babysit

If you’re good with kids, maybe you could babysit for people you know to start with, and then get referrals from them.

11.   Take Videos or Photos

Try taking photos or videos at weddings, anniversary parties or other events.

12.   Sell Your Crafts

If you knit, crochet or do embroidery, you can create your crafts and sell them to others, both online (through sites like Etsy) and offline.

13.   Computer Repair

Here’s another area that can be spendy. Computers and their software malfunction on a regular basis. If you have this expertise, charge a reasonable fee and you’ll clean up.

14.   Graphic Design

Companies often need good graphics for advertising, logos, etc. Put yourself in connection with marketing writers, who often lack these skills, and refer each other.

15.   Invest in Bitcoin

There are many platforms and software programs designed to help you mine bitcoin. Among them is Bitcoin Code. See the full Bitcoin Code Review.

16.   Create YouTube Videos For Others

People want to do this, but don’t know how. If you do, charge a small fee to make videos for them.

17.   Teach Online

Colleges and community colleges welcome new curriculum for others to learn. Teach your subject online.

18.   Teach Cooking

Food Network does it. If you can cook well, teach someone else to do it.

We definitely could have compiled a larger list here. However, we felt these were some really solid ideas to help you make money in 2018, so we hope you found at least one good one.

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